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Skyrim - Elder scrolls V - Macros for Logitech G110 keyboard
« : Maaliskuu 31, 2012, 11:27:30 ap »

I created some really useful macros for Skyrim if you like to use magic as your main skill. You can
attach on "fly" what ever skill combinations during gaming without reprogram your macro keyboard

Logitech G110 keyboard, Skyrim Elder scrolls V and PC

What you should do is to download and import attached file "Skyrim_Macro_Configuration_G110.lgp" -file for you G110 keyboard. After that you have pre programmed Macros as show in picture "Skyrim_macros.png" -file. 

in the game you should go to  MAGIC or ITEMS menu by pressing Tabulator key  (skyrim_macros2.png)

Go in to MAGIC menu(or items menu) and favorite your needed Spell(or weapon) (by pressing "F" key on keyboard when you higlight them skyrim_macros3.png) therefore spells will appear in to game quick menu (Skyrim_macros4.png)

Go in to game quick menu by pressing "Q" key on game main view. Highlight items (dont click mouse button) with your mouse and choose numbers from your keyboard like this (example):

1. Conjure flame atronach
4. Stoneflesh
7. Muffle
6. Healing
2. Firebolt
3. Close wounds
5. Calm
8. Fear

Play the game. Now, if you press G10 macro key, your warrior is ready for war and if you got some hits during the war press G9 macro key it will close your wounds and get most of enemy soldiers bit confused. With this set of macros you are able to do the most time consuming things in 1-2 seconds and if you are not familiar with the macros you can fast and easily do your own macros via editing my macros (othervice needed delays might be tricky for beginner).  :)

You can change your own spells or weapons according to your taste just for re-selecting favorite keys via game quick menu, without touching macro code it self. example: Change key "2. Firebolt" --> "2. Sparks" or "2. Firebolt" --> "2. Daedric Mace" (dual-wielding one handed) etc...   ;D

Macro key G4 is programmed for quick menu spell "6" so that it will continuously cast that. Therefore you can train your character skills while you are having a break. By doing that your character skill level raises in most of the cases

Macro on G10 -key does:
flame atronach  x 2  --> does dual casting automatically
Healing (to right hand) 
Firebolt (to the left hand) 

Macro on G9 -key does:
Close wounds --> does dual casting automatically
Firebolt (to right hand) 
Firebolt (to left hand) --> dual cast manually if both mouse buttons are down

Macro on G4 -key does:
Countinuously repeat action what you have under fast selection menu (Q) key "6"

Macro on G5 -key does:
Quick save

All casting key delays are optimized for these spells - have fun with this wonderful game

note: there is also macro option in to game itself for regular keyboard, this is just if you want to utilize your Logitech G110  keyboard